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The greatest praise we can get is if a client is so happy with and confident in our service that they refer their valued clients and partners and friends to us. We’re proud that 95% of our customers have been with us 5 years or more and 98% of our new customers come to us because of referrals from existing customers.

I refer all my clients for my business to Cyberdoc. I cannot gush enough about Cyberdoc!!!
Jaimie Harris,
Firstly, you have been an absolutely first-rate, enthusiastic and thoughtful collaborator on this project. We could not have done it without you! And I am serious about that. You can quote me on this. This kind of research takes talented people from all types of areas, and IT support is one of the most important. So thank you for your kind words, but you have been and continue to be definitely part of the equation. We are thrilled you will continue working with us at Stanford.
Elizabeth Trachtenberg, Stanford School of Medicine
I wanted to tell you how amazing Dan Faiver is to work with. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and helpful, he's also a real pleasure to work with anytime we've had him to the office.
Dr. Karen Peters, East Bay Naturopathic Clinic
Sebastian is really great, worked til 7pm to fix my system and even set up some ‘special’ folders to make it easier for me to communicate between the multiple desktops for my assistant. He’s fast, efficient, a nice guy and I really appreciate your referral.
Allison Bliss, Client
Ted was really great! Overall, seemed like very minor things to do, but computers are all Greek to me. It was helpful to have the printers set up and networked properly and I also have peace of mind that I won't be out there on the Internet just vulnerable. Well worth the money.
Catherine Baldi, Arana Residential & Commercial Painting
Stellar is the perfect word to describe Dan's support for our group. ... We need to get you a cape or something because you always save the day for us.
Kiyomi Chadbourne, Arana Therapeutics
We truly want you and all your team to know how grateful we are for all that each of you do to support our growth and success. Your services make a difference and never go unnoticed. We consider your team part of our family. We are grateful for amazing and talented people like you in our life.
Lauren Gartland, Inspiring Champions