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Team CyberDoc

SF Bay Area

Sebastian Stuart, CEO

Sebastian Stuart founded CyberDoc in 1995 in San Diego, and moved to Oakland in 1999 to launch the second branch of CyberDoc. In his spare time he enjoys the great outdoors - camping, hiking, snowboarding and surfing. He also plays guitar and bass with various rock and roll bands, occasionally touring the world.
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Eric Hart, Director of Operations

Eric has 16 years of leadership experience in Operations and IT Business Management, most recently as a Technical Director for AT&T. He left AT&T in 2012, starting Oakhart Consulting to advice local businesses on sustainability, business operations, and technology. When CyberDoc decided to change their business model in 2013 they engaged Eric to advise on the change in business structure and operations. As the business grew he was brought in as a pro tem Director of Operations and now manages process, policy, and technology as well as advising Sebastian on marketing and business strategy.
(510) 452-9237 (510) 452-9237 x 120

Dan Faiver, Systems and Network Consultant, Windows and Mac Specialist

Dan Faiver has been providing IT support since 1994 and has been with CyberDoc since 2010. His past IT positions include Earth Day Network and Yale University, where he earned a masters degree in music, worked for the IT department, and taught computer classes.
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Ted Gordon, Systems and Network Consultant, Hardware Specialist

Ted Gordon has been a versatile computer trouble-shooter since 1982. His skill set includes computer assembly and troubleshooting, network configurations and security, and client consultations. He previously worked at US Army, Knox Ricksen LLP, Robbins Palmer and Allen LLP. His spare time is also taken up with computer work which he considers a fun hobby.
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Monica Vellos, Office Administrator

Monica Vellos has always had an interest in computers. After high school, she studied computer technology at Heald College. When she is not organizing and implementing office procedures, Monica enjoys nature, cooking and occasional bass playing.
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San Diego

Cheryll Perez, Office Manager, Billing, Purchasing

Cheryll Perez has been with CyberDoc since 2004 after graduating from Heald College and a brief stint as a tech support agent for D-Link. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and making all natural skin care products.
(858) 268-8873 x110 or (510) 452-9237 x110

Scott Forrest, Systems and Network Consultant, Microsoft Certified Professional

Scott Forrest is the senior consultant for San Diego clients. He also helps Bay Area clients remotely.
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Brian Fisher, Server and Network Specialist

Brian moved out to San Diego from Philadelphia in 1998, and immediately joined the CyberDoc team. He enjoys travelling and surfing.